about us

Developing successful organizations through the right culture which develops successful people is the specialty of maul.

Creating inward reflections

Our finest ambition is to ensure that tomorrow’s organizations continuously become healthier and more effective. More than 20 years of field research, hands-on problem-solving, master degrees in Business Psychology, Business Administration and a very dedicated approach to share our knowledge and insights, allows us to do just this.

We are leading because we don’t take the obvious for granted, but constantly challenge ourselves. We ask the hard, but necessary questions creating in-ward reflections. The answers rarely exist in the mind of a consultant, but mostly within the organization itself.

We are a hybrid between organizational hackers and nomads

Through hard work and dedicated dialogue, we break our way into the organizational systems and processes and together with our clients we travel through foreign lands exploring new territories of opportunity. We don’t have the answer for everything. But we know where to find it.

We make real change happen – through people

Working with Maul will enable you to:

  • ensure long-term implementation of strategy within the whole organization identifying the culture to make it happen.
  • increase the effectiveness of the organization in terms of cross organizational teamwork, strong functional teams, and agile ways of working.
  • increase the organization’s ability to solve problems.
  • provide opportunities for the organization itself to develop to its full potential.
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Vision and values

maul is the obvious choice when organizations want challenge without compromise in order to development and grow by coupling strategy and culture.

  • We are passionate – and we could not imagine spending our lives on anything else. Our passion often appears unorthodox and unmarketable. We allow ourselves to see it as strengths.
  • We have an opinion – and we are not afraid to break conventions. Because we know when something works, and when it does not, when we are in the process of making results. And we stand by that opinion.
  • We are stubborn – and we do not ‘just go away’. We keep insisting. Because we know that working with culture at a strategic level takes dedication and will-power for a period of time in order to secure anchoring in the organization.
  • We are professionals – and deliver nothing but successes. Pure and simple.

From beginning to end, we make demands on ourselves and on our customers with sharpness, precision, credibility, and high ethical standards.


maul has a collaboration with Stairway Foundation in the Philippines.

Stairway’s basic idea is that all human beings possess resources, dreams and potential for development. To realize this potential, children in particular need care, protection, and education.

maul participates in the Foundation’s activities by working with the management team in the Philippines, by fostering organizational development so as to spread the Stairway concept to other countries in Asia, and, finally, by collaborating with the management team on processes to develop the activities centered on the individual child.

Stairway is a Danish-operated, independent, private organization that works for children’s rights and the prevention of sexual abuse of children. At the Stairway Centre, children receive care, education and help to overcome their traumatic experiences by means of including creative therapeutic work and psychological support.

Visit the website of Stairway Foundation