The staff at maul has a unique competence in turning business strategies into integrated behavior in organizations all over the world.

A global team of experts

At maul, we all hold a Master in business psychology and are specialized in the relation between Business and Psychology through MBA degrees.

We’re a global team with both national and international consultants in New York, Zürich, Oslo, Stockholm, London, Jersey, Malaga, Berlin and, of course, Copenhagen. Thus, we can provide you with the best service in the local language.

Our focus is neither business nor people. It’s uniting them as one – making them work together

Since 1990, we have gained extensive experience, working systematically with top management leaders and leadership teams in organizations around the world.

We do it differently

We understand both business and people. We are experts in making people and strategies work together, ensuring holistic and long-lived strategic implementation within the whole organization.

We’re a team of business psychologists and cultural strategists

We are all dedicated, present, and challenging in respect to every single task, thereby creating the optimal solution together with our costumer.

Essentially, we are not just the performing partner in a cooperation. We ask questions. We are direct. And we work with a thought for all aspects in the process – whether business or psychological aspects rooted in the task at hand.

Who we are

Benedicte Maul

Head of maul
M.A Business Psychology

Mobile: +45 4081 0712
Linkedin: Benedicte Maul

Benedicte Maul, Qualified psychologist, and Authorized Organizational Psychologist from University of Copenhagen, has been operating maul since 1990.

Benedicte performs executive-level development assignments for maul’s clients, and collaborates with top management on organizational development.


Assignments have included Cultural change in organizational development, which is now a trademark, executive team development, and ensuring the strategy to be a living parameter for success in and between functions. Additionally, cross organizational teamwork and individual coaching on a systemic basis have become natural parts of the organizational development processes.

Benedicte has extensive experience with both Danish and international assignments drawing on organizational psychology. She is acknowledged for her fast and precise assessment of a situation, the creativity in finding ways of working, and for continuously focusing on holding people and teams accountable for their decisions in achieving their commitments.


  • Accredited by the Danish Psychological Association in the specialties of Organizational Psychologist and Supervisor.
  • Accredited IMD: People and performance in cultural change
  • Accredited Harvard: Why people change programs.
  • Accredited as an Executive Coach by Oxford Psychological Press, UK.

Bo Heimann

M.A Leadership & Business Psychology

Bo Heimann holds a M.A. in Leadership and Organizational Psychology, a BA in Journalism and additional educations in systemic process facilitation and psychotherapy.

Since 2004 he has been working with teams and organizations as a coach, trainer, workshop leader and process facilitator.

Bo has worked together with Maul A/S since 2009 and facilitated processes for our clients. Bo has worked with Orkla, Carlsberg DK and Knauf UK, Knauf Fi, Lagkagehuset amongst other clients. Furthermore he has written a string of books on consciousness and leadership.

Contact information
Phone: +4540810712

Marie-Louise Høm

M.A Business Psychology

Marie Louise holds a MA in psychology from CPH and NYC. Marie Louise is a highly valued psychologist who is able to transform the complexity of leadership of today into tangible methods to actively lead and execute tasks and leading the team.

Customers find Marie Louise´s energy, passion and engagement very energizing and free up the confidence to learn. Her ability to reach all levels of participant in a team is outstanding.

Together with Maul Marie Louise has facilitated a number of customers and by example: Lagkagehuset, Pågen, Carlsberg Denmark, Knauf UK, Knauf DK, MT-Højgaard, Arla.

Contact information
Phone: +4540810712

Gitte Jakobsen

M.A Business Psychology
Ph.d leadership development

Gitte Jacobsen has more than 20 years of experience as a business psychologist and she has been working at Maul for the past 10 years.

Gitte holds a Master in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen and besides that a PHD in Leadership Development from CBS.

Gitte’s ability to bring the complexed into a daily business context is one of the very highly appreciated competencies our clients value.

In Gittes relation to maul she has worked with as well national as international clients such as Weber, Carlsberg, MT Højgaard, , Knauf Finland, Knauf Germany, Vækstfonden.

Contact information
Phone: +4540810712

Nicholas Parbst

Nicholas is the PA of Maul A/S, and will be taking care of most scheduling and communication, first hand.

Besides working at Maul A/S, Nicholas is taking his bachelors degree in business psychology at Copenhagen Business School. The future is bright for this young man, and we look forward to watch his potential grow within Maul A/S




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Phone: +45 20 60 65 88



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