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management due diligence is about limiting risk and ensuring execution of your strategy

Insights beyond numbers

Having the right strategy without being able to execute it may be an expensive affair. From a maul point of view, the perfect management due diligence utilizes insights beyond numbers to accelerate and ensure the right development and change in people and business.

It is not enough to change strategies to develop an organization unless the thinking that produces those strategies also changes.
Peter Senge, The Dance of Change

Why choose maul for due diligence?

By combining deep psychological knowledge embedded with extensive business and strategic acumen, maul has repeatedly demonstrated that our service helps organizations reach the next level of speed, focus and profitability.

Our clients are all leading-edge companies from the private sector. They choose maul as their partner in due diligence because we have:

  1. Expertise to provide a comparable index for the business performance, indicating a clear perspective for strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Profound experience with the right leadership being the key driver for performance and value creation.
  3. Deep expertise in transforming businesses and in-depth knowledge of the particular context of an acquisition.
  4. Expansive knowledge of the psychological dynamics in teams and organizations.

Our approach

To maul, due diligence is much more than an exercise in verifying data. Instead, by analyzing the culture of the organizations, we identify what brings out the optimal in the people, the management systems, and the dynamics in between.

It is important to us that the management team through the organization can conduct the identified, necessary and ongoing changes. It is always and only with and through people, we ensure results.

Due diligence is so much more than just a financial exercise.


We don’t do it for you, though – we do it with you. We work closely with as well the investor as the management team all the way, emphasizing the potential unused ressources, efficiency and results.

The contents of a report

A report on management due diligence from maul may contain:

  1. Situation (the strategic landscape to operate in)
  2. Defined key questions
  3. Individual analysis (overall parameters based on validated substantial psychological dimensions)
  4. Team analysis
  5. Cultural analysis
  6. Answering key questions
  7. Executive summary (including benchmark index)
  8. Next step plan

Outcome for the investor

As an investor, due diligence beyond numbers will give you:

  • A clear picture of the capabilities, mind-set, and potential of the management team and key people in the organisation.
  • Insights of the interrelations, informal power distribution and sense of accountability in the management team.
  • Perspective on the potential of the organizational culture along with barriers in relation to the strategy.
  • Insights on how to build a transparent bridge to the Management building on mutual trust as a foundation for future cooperation.
  • An action plan for how to develop and change the organization and executing in the fast lane.

Outcome for the Management Team

For the Management team, due diligence beyond numbers will focus on:

  • Possibility of demonstrating the strengths of the organization, the management team and the individual competencies.
  • Highlighting the possibilities for new business opportunities due to its experience of market and business.
  • Demonstrate that the Management can execute the strategy without momentum loss.
  • Highlighting the possibilities for change and development due to its business experience

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