team & purpose

team & purpose is essentially about creating trust and by that create a team culture where performance with purpose is the aim and not by politics in between. Spurring all team members to work on joint objectives to the benefit of the organization

Strong teams take ownership

All organizations dream of a strong team, capable of reaching the goals of the organization. Most organizations, however, don’t know how to design such a team.

Among other things, working with maul will enable you to:

  • Develop team members that show genuine responsibility and take ownership.
  • Develop a team culture that promotes cross-organizational knowledge transfer as well as effective, sustainable decision making.

We work in a structured way with the people in the team, to support the individual to utilize his or her potential and we outline the dynamics in between the team members to ensure mutual trust, accountability and commitment.

We do people points.
Not power points


Teams of individualists?

From group to team is a process:

  • Calling a group of assembled people a team does not make them one. Telling employees they need to collaborate does not translate into collaboration. Teams do not just happen naturally
  • We have demonstrated is that building a collaborative culture must be done with an understanding of the underlying principles of teaming, and implementation of a simple model
  • We turn team development into a part of the corporate strategy, through a simple but sustain model focusing on trust, commitment, accountability, and challenging each other to greater success in implementing a strategy

 Teamwork is essential to any organization in terms of fulfilling a vision and reaching goals

At maul, we create the possibility to solve this problem as an integrated parallel process, when the organization works on fulfilling a vision.

The results of true teamwork

In our experience, working as a team should lead to:

We work in a lively and active way with teaming adn provides as well outdoor programs as indoor preocesses – or a mix of both ways of facilitating groups being teams.

We have been recognized for our straightforward, but gentle, way of ensuring that everyone participates honestly in the process.

Taking teamwork to the next level

Sometimes, when a team have realized the power of teaming, and they want to become successful, dedicating time and effort in the team work, maul can offer them a team project.

A team project is team work with a higher intent, e.g. building a school or a clinic for pregnancy in Africa. It gives the team a chance to really prove themselves as a team and, as a leadership team, they will reap admiration from the entire organization.

The benefit of outdoor

In our experience, the only thing that outdoor programs can contribute with is behavior. But at the same time, this can be a shortcut to a very good foundation for the common development in a team.

The benefit of an outdoor process

At maul, we consider teams as temporary structures in today’s organizations. This means that a team must make a special effort in order to:

  • achieve a cooperation with a respect for equal differences
  • become sufficiently committed to the team structure to realize a common ownership of the organization.

This is what a team can achieve through controlled and structured outdoor processes, and it makes up the foundation for a constructive feedback culture in the team.

Practical info

Most of us meet enough challenges in our everyday life. For this reason, we do not work with outdoor programs that aim at breaking personal barriers, other people’s barriers, or unknown barriers.

Also, we only use outdoor processes to assist team development when the group is likely to benefit from it, and we always collaborate with a group of international outdoor consultants in connection with all arrangements.

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