organization & purpose

organization & purpose is about successfully developing and implementing a strategy – in a focused and systematic way founded in a clear purpose.

Long-term collaboration with your organization

maul specialize in business psychology. As we are all authorized and certified organizational psychologists, our work consists of developing organizations in accordance with business strategy.

Together with your organization, maul works with long-term organizational development processes:

  • When your organization needs to define its vision, and lay out the necessary strategy to ensure the achievement of its goals, we engage in close collaboration with your organization, setting the agenda and strategy to be ambitious and realistic.
  • We ensure coherence with the intentions of your organization and its present capacity through a thorough understanding of its strategies and goals.
  • We identify potential and development areas in the organization and are very clear about competences, which the organization lacks in order to achieve its goals.
  • We ensure that the leaders of your organization are able to drive the development forward.

CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?”
CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

We don’t just create strong leaders. We create strong leadership

We focus on the development of leadership within the entire company. Empowering the whole organization to understand and manage complexity, daily paradoxes and lack of clarity.

Creating the right solutions

By combining our thorough understanding of an organization’s foundation, competences, and commercial basis with our experience from other organizations, and the development of the market, we help you create solutions that will provide:

  • implementational strength
  • leading capacity
  • fulfilment of organizational goals.

We support you to establish the right systems, structures and processes, and to change behavior in order to ensure change at all levels. This will give you the right tools and behavior to establish a culture that can fulfill your ambitions.

Assessing the competences of the organization

Maul will help you map the competencies you will need to develop or recruit in order to fulfil the ambitions of the organization.

Through tests, interviews, casework and self-assesment, we assess where the potential skills and behavior can easily be developed for the need of tomorrow.

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