culture & purpose

culture & purpose is about living the truth that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. No plan or strategy can outperform the culture. Through a structured work with the organizational culture we successfully implement changes and unleash the organizational potential.

Strategy and culture. Hand in hand.

Based on our knowledge that culture is a powerful, but observable and changeable force, maul specialize in transformation of organizational culture.

It’s not something you can chose NOT to work with. It´s not about “feeling good” – it’s about making your business sustainable. It’s that simple!

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

If you don’t know the power of your culture and don’t work with it, your prevailing culture will prevent your strategy from succeeding.

Working with culture is long-term business growth and delivering your objectives. Creating and leveraging a culture across all parts of the organization supports the implementation of the strategies you have discussed.

” When companies struggle to meet their ambitions, it often boils down to the fact that their cultures won’t allow for that strategic change to happen.”
Benedicte Maul

By collaborating systematically with the top management and management teams, we turn business strategies and development processes into integrated behavior. Into culture. Culture is about something as tough as the survival of the company´s competitiveness.

From strategy on paper. To strategy living in people

In any organization, barriers to change can be found in your systems, your structures, in your processes, and most importantly in the less consious behaviour. This is culture.

Maul empower organizations to change through their people

To get the best results, we always integrate the organizational culture in our work, connecting it with qualifications and roles in the organization.

Understanding the culture

Through a deep dive process with interviews, observational studies, surveys and symbol gathering, we uncover the elements in your organization that act as barriers to your progress. Mapping these barriers and understanding how to deal with them is key to any organizational development.

Remember, you can hardly change an organization, without understanding it’s culture first.

To create the result, we are not just the executive part of a collaboration. We ask questions, speak outright, challenge when needed, and we act with consideration to all aspects in a process – business related as well as underlying psychological aspects.

We don’t just tell you what to do. We tell you how to do it

Our special trademark is devotion and attentiveness, and, further, we will challenge you in relation to every assignment in order to create the right solution in the best possible way.

At maul we call it culture & purpose.

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