CEO Kristian May, MT-Højgaard.

MT Højgaard has been working with Benedicte Maul and her team over the last one-and-a-half years on our strategy, organisational, value and culture development. The collaboration on organisational development has also involved coaching of the top management and the development of a strong top management team. Benedicte Maul has a talent for paring discussion down to the bone, so that the essential is always exposed in the best possible way. Benedicte’s direct, analytical, but also always constructive approach ensures that perceptions and attitudes are critically examined, and pressure-tests decisions. Her business understanding combined with the business psychology input has raised the development process to an entirely new level and has been a valuable contribution for the top management. I am convinced that Benedicte Maul and her team have contributed decisively to the good progress MT Højgaard is making at the present time, and will help us to more rapidly realise our vision: to “outperform industry standards”. I can only give her my warmest recommendation.

HR Direktør Helle Bro Krogen, MT-Højgaard.

It has been a pleasure to work with Benedicte Maul on strategic management development at MT Højgaard. Benedicte has the ability to ensure that there is a clear and distinct linkage between the leadership role and our strategy. Throughout the process, Benedicte has stimulated the managers at MT Højgaard to think in terms of change and solutions.

The management development process has created a very competent management platform at every level and ensured that the understanding of MT Højgaard’s new vision, strategy and values has been integrated at all levels. I am looking forward to continued collaboration.

Chief Strategy Officer Peter Kaas Hammer, MT-Højgaard.

Our collaboration with Benedicte has been of enormous value to MT Højgaard. It has focused on the setting out of our general strategic ambition and defining the related organisational platform. With her clear professionalism, business insight and analytical ability, Benedicte has delivered a targeted and inspiring process which is not only focused but also produces steady progress. Moreover, Benedicte has played a vital part in the development of our top management team. In this context, her approach as a business psychologist and her organisational and human insight, together with her personal edge, have ensured a both challenging and rewarding process with a result that could not have been achieved without her. Benedicte has definitely made a mark in MT Højgaard ­- very much to our benefit. I look forward to continued rewarding collaboration, and give Benedicte my warmest recommendation.