”Maul takes management to a whole new level!

I have worked with Benedicte Maul and her team for the past two years. As director of Knauf in Denmark, I have worked with Maul to develop our management team and clarify the link between our objectives and strategy. In a short period of time, we managed to create a common trajectory and introduce a completely different professional attitude to our management team, which has helped lift our performance levels. At Norgips, Benedicte contributed to a strategy process at the top level of our management, and we are now working to implement a culture-changing project for the entire company. Benedicte and her team take leadership to a new level, quickly immersing themselves in the company’s specific challenges. With holistic understanding and surgical precision they cut straight to the bone of the challenges, setting them out clearly. Benedicte and her team have helped us to set a course and clarify our vision and our goals.I look forward to continuing our collaboration and can only give Maul my very warmest recommendations.

Carl-Johan Klinge, CEO – Norgips Norge AS