Novo Nordisk

Peter Soelberg

International Operations
– Vice President, Russia & CIS

Novo Nordisk

The testimonial is based on contracting with Benedicte Maul for a number of different assignments since 2000 – both as a personal executive coach and as consultant in respect of developing management teams, including strategy elaboration and integration. I have worked with her both in a Danish and International context.

As an executive coach, Benedicte Maul has shown an impressive capacity to get fast and directly to discussions of key issues, while maintaining perspective to the overall objective of the coaching – and proactively drawing in issues related to future challenges. The fast focusing and persistency in approach has ensured that key considerations have found their way to become lasting incremental improvements of personal leadership capabilities.

We have also in NN, Russia had the pleasure to work with Maul & Co. on two occasions in building and developing management teams in terms of new perspectives to leadership and management team interaction.

This work has also included the facilitation of strategy development and integration. In this aspect, Benedicte always demonstrates her deeply founded ability of getting fast to root issues, no matter how sensitive they may be – and developing a path for handling them.