Søren Nielsen, CEO

Oticon A/S

The dynamic and the competition in our business is constantly increasing, and we have for a number of years cooperated with Maul A|S on the development of our organization and its capability to live out our commercial ambitions.

In this connection, Maul A|S and none the least Benedicte Maul  has delivered great value to us, and continuously challenged us not only as leaders but also in the space between strategic business development and organizational development. The cooperation has always been of very high quality, and Maul demonstrates a rare ability to work herself deep into our organization and to truly guarantee that it develops in a positive direction and creates results.

With her personal dedication and her great ability to emphasize, Benedicte is a key partner in the development of our top management team, through a joint process, significantly enhancing our capacity to work across and together as one team.

The cooperation is very dynamic and adaptive ensuring a constant adjustment to the needs and the potential of our company, it never follows a fixed template.

Mads Kamp, VP, Human Resources

Oticon A/S

We have for a number of years cooperated with Maul A|S, and latest on ensuring a clear focus on the linkage between business strategy and leadership ability, in order to take our company to the next level.

We have worked with change processes that have high impact broadly into the organization. The concurrent leadership process has ensured that we have achieved a greater leadership capability leading to implementation power.

Our form of cooperation is direct, focused and constantly pushing the boundaries for what we think we can reach.