A Gain A/S

CEO Frank Mortensen, A Gain A/S

We have worked with Maul since our business start-up in August 2005.

We find Maul an extremely professional and effective partner, with a rare capacity to combine profound competence and a focus on joint results with human insight, so that all who are involved in the partnership can deliver their best. We believe that our collaboration with Maul is one of the chief reasons that now, only two years after its launch, our company has a turnover in excess of DKK 100 million, makes a profit in the millions and is well on the way towards achieving our strategic goal of becoming Denmark’s leading software company.

Three areas of our collaboration with Maul are:


– elaboration of our strategy and integration of the strategy.

Maul was the driving force throughout the strategy process, participating in joint strategy days for the whole company and at separate meetings with the management. With the help of Maul’s advice, we arrived at a clear and ambitious strategy and ensured that it became integrated throughout the company right from the start. This meant that we could quickly and efficiently begin work on achieving the goals in our strategy.Coaching: To reach our goal of being Denmark’s leadingsoftware company, we need to have the best people in the sector working for us. That is not achieved just by recruiting the most capable staff and managers.

We also have to provide for their further professional and indeed personal development. Therefore, all our staff and managers have a personal development programme. This includes personal coaching from Maul, involving, amongst other things, personal development activities and the handling of specific personal and professional challenges. The coaching provided by Maul is thus a very important factor in our endeavours to enable our staff and managers to rise from being capable to being the best.

Management training: Additionally, the managers in our company participate in the group-based training programmes arranged by Maul.

Frank Mortensen, former Atea

With Benedicte Maul, management training is not the traditional instruction in various management tools. Instead, it offers real development of the participants both as leaders and indeed on the personal level. Using direct and open dialogue, Benedicte Maul penetrates to a deeper level of the participants’ consciousness than any of us has experienced on other management development programmes. This opens the way for the most effective development process we have ever participated in to take place both in the individual manager and in the management team as a whole. There is no doubt that the management development programme with Benedicte Maul has considerably raised the level of leadership at Atea.