”We have worked with Maul in relation to an organizational and management development process. The process has been very successful.

The secret behind Maul’s success is their understanding of and ability to, at the same time work within the field of both individuals, groups (leaders and/or employees), and the organization.

Through just this one process the participants have grown personally, they have gained more insight and overview of own competencies, have become more focused and have gained better understanding of leadership responsibility. They have also been equipped with practically applicable management tools in order to do the job.

We have re-organized our management team, and have accomplished a very different dynamics in our management-leader group, which means the company is now driven more efficiently and focused. Through the process, Maul managed to keep focus on our main strategy and our wish for change in corporate culture, thus supporting our business challenges better.

When you chose to work with Maul do not expect to have your preconceived perceptions of state of affairs confirmed. As a leader you must prepare for, and expect to, be challenged both personally, in regards to your management team, and on the company’s strategy and goals.

Expect to be scrutinized, and find yourself in situations where the easy and close answers will not be accepted. Maul will pursue any challenges/situations in order to find the real answers and challenges. A constant focus is kept on development, goal, and momentum.

Thomas Ladefoged, CEO – AdPeople Copenhagen A/S