Carlsberg – CUK

End 2 end thinking

”Maul as has taken us through process and the way to execution.

I have been working with Benedicte for many years in various jobs and the thing that really keeps surprising me is the fact that Benedicte manages to bring us “safely” through a very though and intensive process as a team and thereafter also manages to bring this alive for us in her “Pixi” style.

No matter what background or previous experience my different teams has had they all have highly valued the team development. Especially the fact that this happens in highly respect for the individual but for the higher purpose of the team. Benedicte’s ability to think long term for the team development and constantly thinking next steps (both forth and back) makes it very tangible and present – a bit of theory is good but the “whats in it for me” as well has to be there.

Collaborating with Benedicte is forming my teams and securing our success – measured both in hard currency as well as people growth for now and the future!

Bjarke Roost, VP – Logistics at Carlsberg