Copenhagen Airports A/S

CEO Brian Petersen, Copenhagen Airports A/S

I have worked with Benedicte for the past year, during which time she has been an invaluable help. Soon after I began as managing director of Copenhagen Airports I interviewed a number of consultants whose job was to help coach me, develop my management team and facilitate strategy development. During the initial round of interviews, it was already clear to me that Benedicte was far ahead of the rest of the field and a candidate of international calibre. Characteristic for Benedicte was her ability to ask straightforward and detailed questions about the nature of the assignment. I got the clear sense that she commits herself totally to a given project and that she wanted to be absolutely certain that this was the right job for her. All this has been borne out by the past year.

Benedicte has the rare ability to see where a company’s true problems lie. Her work is never superficial and she is quick to ‘dig’ deep inside the organisation. She saves us time by going straight to the heart of problems that may be unpleasant, but which must nevertheless be addressed if we are to move ahead. She is extremely quick to identify and take action on all kinds of problems ranging from skill shortages, issues of trust, personal problems and anything else that might stand in the way of efficiency. She sees when our strategy efforts are superficial and unambitious or if our energy is being spent on the wrong initiatives.

Benedicte has a high energy level and a very direct approach. You have to be prepared to take an in-depth look at things when you work with Benedicte. She is not for the faint-hearted. But this is precisely the quality that allows her to achieve the kind of results that HR and most other consultants simply cannot achieve.

I look forward to continuing to work with her for many years to come.

Peter Hansen, HR Manager, Copenhagen Airports A/S

In the past year, Maul & Co. has helped us with our culture change process and management development. They have proved to be an extremely competent, professional and key partner in our efforts to implement change throughout the organisation. They have substantially contributed to establishing a sense of cohesion between our cultural activities and management development, and ensured that our initiatives support our business challenges. Their input is always professional and dedicated, they adopt an in-depth approach and never try to please the client, but rather pinpoint those areas that require critical attention.

If you are looking for consultants who are ‘out to please’, then maul a|s is not the answer. If, on the other hand, your goal is to challenge and develop the organisation, I can only give them my highest recommendation. They combine business acumen with human understanding in a way that I have rarely experienced with other consultancy houses. Best wishes from a satisfied customer.